The Plea for Help!

We have employed Aurora Fireworks, a one-man side business, owned and operated by Rob Nitz of Poulsbo, to provide awe-inspiring fireworks displays at Poulsbo's 3rd of July shows for a number of years. In June of last year, an errant bullet struck Aurora's storage magazine, which exploded, destroying the fireworks inside. Aurora has yet to be compensated for that loss. Nonetheless Rob fulfilled his contracts for the 2012 3rd of July show in Poulsbo, the 4th of July display on Bainbridge Island, and Silverdale's Whaling Days show, at significant financial loss. As a consequence of those losses and resulting inability to purchase fireworks at a discount directly from the Chinese manufacturers this year, costs for our show have increased significantly. While we could go to other firms, Aurora's shows have always been top notch and the firm is a local company; we are reluctant to compound his losses by pulling the show. Yet that means we have to raise more funds than normal to weather this difficult time for his tiny firm. SAFEWAY has provided the bulk of the funds needed for 2013, for which we are very grateful. Viking Fest can and will, if necessary, cover the shortage by wiping out our reserves to ensure the show will go on. But those reserves are intended to cover unexpected costs (but not of this magnitude!), meet start-up costs for next year's festivals, and pay outstanding liabilities for scholarships we have awarded in the past that have yet to be claimed. We are reluctant to wipe out those reserves as that will leave little to cover these needs in the future. Approximately $8,000 is needed to absorb the increased costs this year. We are asking the public's help, as well as help from those in the business community, to raise additional funds. There are two ways to do so: by a check (made out to "Third of July") and mailed to the P.O. Box below, OR you can donate via the PayPal button below (in the "Special Instructions" box state: "Fireworks Fund"). We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Thus, contributions to us via either route are tax deductible; receipts for donations in excess of $200 will be mailed to the donors who provide an address.

Third of July Fireworks Fund
PO Box 1125, Poulsbo WA 98370

In addition to the mail-in and PayPal means of contributing described above, we also accept "drop off" donations in person at the following Poulsbo merchants:

    *Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce (19351 8th Ave)
    *AmericanWest Bank (Highway 305 just North of Hostmark)
    *Tizley's Europub or The Hare and Hound Pub (both on Front Street)

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